Fuel Dryness

Moist - Little or no risk for large fires.
Dry - Low risk of large fires in the absence of a "High Risk" event.
Very dry - Low/Moderate risk of large fires in the absence of a "High Risk" event.
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California - North Area 7 Day
Significant Fire Potential

Issued: Sunday, Jul 5, 2015 Parameters:

Predictive Service Area Sat
Jul 4
Jul 5
Jul 6
Jul 7
Jul 8
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Jul 10
Jul 11
NC01 - North Coast
NC02 - Mid Coast
NC03A - Bay Area-Marine
NC03B - Diablo/Santa Cruz Mtns
NC04 - Northwestern Mtns
NC05 - Sacramento Valley
NC06 - Northeast CA
NC07 - Northern Sierra
NC08 - East Side


*** Daily mountain area lightning expected all week, but mostly wet ***

Low pressure parked off shore and high pressure over the Great Basin will remain in place through the week with moisture lingering over the region. This will lead to daily, mostly mountain and wet thunderstorms in North Ops, including potential for overnight thunderstorms. Some areas may also have some showers as well. The low will slowly move toward the coast and eventually move inland through central California Thursday and Friday or so. The air mass over North Ops late this week should become relatively moist and there may be some more showers and overall cloudiness in addition to thunderstorms. The Sacramento Valley, Bay Area and much of the Mid Coast PSA's will be the driest areas overall this week.

Temperatures will be above seasonal normals for inland areas today then leveling off at pretty much near normal or even a little below that for the time of year. Warmer inland valleys will mostly be in the mid and upper 90s. Winds will be seasonably light and mostly southerly to westerly for the 7 day period

Fuels/Fire Potential

Very dry dead and cured fuels of all size classes are in place across North Ops. A few areas have increasing live fuel moisture yet, but overall live fuels appear to be steady or dropping. Although the thunderstorms are expected to be mostly wet for the next week, new start and holdover potential will definitely continue, and new starts that get going in areas outside the rainfall of thunderstorms are likely to burn actively. IA resources are likely to continue to be occupied. The moister air mass and continuation of wet thunderstorms or even showers this week (especially late in the week) will likely lower Significant Fire Potential across all of North Ops eventually. For the Bay Area Mountains and the Sacramento Valley, conditions will remain quite dry, just somewhat less so. 

Severe to exceptional longer-term drought continues across much of the region. The latest drought monitor map can be found at:


North OPS:  Preparedness Level 2               

National:      Preparedness Level 3

MACS Mode 2


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Forecasters: BB 7/5/2015 0938 MDT